Friday, July 15, 2005

BBC = undesirable A Level grades

Oh yes. Very much B-B-C grades to the BBC tonight. WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO GIVE INSTRUMENTAL PIECES AT THE PROMS A RUNNING SUBTITLE COMMENTARY????? Whoever it is, I want them hung, drawn and quartered.

I switched on the First Night in some excitement this evening, looking forward to seeing the lovely Janine Jansen playing my favourite violin concerto - Mendelssohn - despite Sir Roger's attempts to get the BBC Symphony Orchestra to play without vibrato (oh boy, they're going to love that...). And what do we see? A purple strap along the bottom third of the picture, carrying little titbits of info and commentary on the music a la Wimbledon. Why? Is this called accessibility? It's not even accessible - what newcomer on earth is going to be turned on to music by the information that the violin is playing a virtuoso figuration over a lyrical counter-melody? Oh help. Help. Help. No. No. No. No.

The presenter was Alan Titchmarsh, of 'Gardener's World' - did someone get him mixed up with John Eliot Gardiner?!? And while the Wimbledon touch of showing a shot of Janine's partner in the audience is cute - Julian Rachlin, no less - why did we later have to see Rolf Harris? At least Alan didn't bother telling us who Nick Kenyon was when he was pictured. In fact I prefer Alan Titchmarsh as presenter to Charles Hazlewood, but maybe I'm getting older.

There is one very practical solution. Switch off the TV. Switch on the radio instead. Wonderful...

Better still, I guess, go to the concert. But, as Cole Porter said, it's too darn hot.