Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My most unlikely referrer to date

A warm welcome to Arsenal Muse, where I find my blog listed in extraordinary company alongside a picture of that footballer, Whatshisname.

I regret to say I'm a football ignoramus. I sometimes get involved in the last 15 minutes when things grow more exciting, but generally the sound of the crowd, ebbing and flowing like the waves of the sea, lulls me gently to sleep on the sofa of a Saturday afternoon... Last time I actually watched a football match was France vs Greece in Euro 2004 - yes, LAST YEAR - sitting in an big-screened, open-air courtyard in Vilnius with Philippe Graffin, who was glumly observing his national team making a pig's ear of the match far exceeding the Fried Pigs Ears on the Lithuanian bar snacks menu. I didn't have my specs with me, so kept having to ask 'which team did you say was France?' Philippe is an Arsenal fan, of course - they're as French as any British football team gets - so I guess that's good enough for a music journalist with Francophiliac leanings too (though my local team would have been Wimbledon if they hadn't moved to Milton Keynes). Bonjour, Arsenal!

To close, answers to some interesting questions on Google searches that have resulted in hits here:

1. Grigory Sokolov will be giving a recital at the Barbican Centre on 16 May 2006.
2. Krystian Zimerman's birthday is 5 December.
3. Classical music doesn't make you eat less.
4. Classical music can make you cry. I'd recommend almost anything by Schubert for this purpose.
5. I am NOT Jessica Simpson.
6. No Danish blondes here. Sorry.