Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just look at this...

Read in today's Indy about The Magic Flute straight from South Africa. It's the team behind that incredible Carmen-in-Xhosa film and it's coming to London. The Young Vic's director David Lan went to listen:
Back to the church hall in Athlone. They're approaching the end of the opera: "The sun has arisen/ Goodbye to the night/ The whole world is shining/ In glorious light". Then comes the joyous final chorus. I dial the Young Vic and hold out my mobile phone so they can hear: "Listen to this. Just listen to bloody this..."

So did someone else:
Simon Rattle, on holiday in Cape Town, heard a performance and was bowled over. He gave us a quote: "Mozart would have been surprised and then delighted." And that's exactly right. It takes a moment to adjust, and then you get it, and you grin. It's gorgeous, touching, slightly rough, slightly jokey, as though the score is being made love to and ever so gently sent up. And then you have to ask yourself: "Why am I in tears?"

The Magic Flute – Impempe Yomlingo, 23 November to 19 January at the Young Vic, London