Saturday, January 05, 2008

Top of the whats?

I'm going to limit my comment about this piece from today's Guardian, but I'd love to know what all of you think about it, dear readers. Here you go: Charles Hazlewood talks to journo about a new series on TV (BBC4, which is meant to be the Beeb's cultural gesture) explaining how pop songs use the same techniques as classical music, or some such. Read it here.

Sample: "What's so clever is it starts with an absolute deluge of F sharp minor. Then finally when Alex Turner comes in it's actually on a C sharp major chord, which is what's known as the dominant chord in music theory. Then you're made to wait to get that big deluge of that tonic chord again until the chorus which is a brilliant way of building your expectation, holding you back like an elastic band and then letting you ping."

Now, does this say anything more to you than 'this pop song includes two whole chords'? Is this an appropriate way for the Beeb to spend our TV licence fee? Over to you, people.