Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Proudly partnering...Mendelssohn 2009!

I'm delighted to announce that I've been appointed BBC Radio 3's official Mendelssohn blogger for his bicentenary year in 2009 - part of their special Composers of the Year website feature devoted to the 2009 Big Four: Mendelssohn, Purcell, Handel and Haydn.

I'll be writing a post or more every month and moderating comments and discussions along the way. We'll be exploring Mendelssohn from as many angles as possible: while R3 is claiming him as an honorary Brit, Queen Victoria's favourite, etc, I'll also be looking at his ancestry in the Jewish Enlightenment, his role as the Leonard Bernstein of his day - educator and conductor as well as composer - his friendships with Schumann and Clara, his place in the roster of Romantics and, not least, what we might call his Shiksa Syndrome.

I can't resist entitling this blog FELIXCITATIONS.

HERE IT IS. Enjoy.

Please pop along to the Mendelssohn Page, where besides following Felixcitations you can watch an introduction to Mendelssohn in Britain by (you guessed it) Charles Hazlewood, sign up to Felix's Fanclub, explore a picture gallery and follow the broadcast events for the anniversary season.

Do visit my colleagues blogging the other big three of 2009:

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Rick Jones on Purcell;
Denis McCaldin on Haydn.

UPDATE, 5.35pm: Pliable at the Overgrown Path is disgusted. Bless.