Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dude goes sick in Bamberg. Look who stepped in

Last week Gustavo Dudamel had to drop out of some concerts with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. To replace him, the orchestra needed to look no further than the stylish young winner of their recent Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition - 24-year-old Lahav Shani. Here's a video from the orchestra about working with him.

You may remember that in June I was there for the contest final and was lucky enough to talk to Marina Mahler, granddaughter of GM himself, to ask her what she and the jury were looking for in their champion. "That's easy," she said. "Someone with the potential to become a great musician." Is Shani on his way? He's got the ears, the brains, the support systems, the charisma and the prize. The proof, though, will be in the Mahler.

Meanwhile we hear that there's some good news on the way about another highly gifted young conductor who was among the GMCC's 12 selected candidates... Watch this space.