Monday, October 27, 2014


I love my colleagues at BBC Music Magazine very, very much. In their latest poll, together with the TV programme Countryfile, they've had a little poll to find the nation's favourite British composer. Result: [surpriiiiiiise!] Edward Elgar.

There was one teensyweeensy problem with this poll, which was that there was nobody on the list who was not dead, white, English and male. Well, except Delius, who was German by family heritage. So here in the sidebar, just as a fun little exercise to help Ricki & Cosi get a pawndle on their rapidly forming musical tastes, is a JDCMB Alternative Poll.

You will see on the right a poll asking who your favourite British composer of today is. I have chosen six men and six women from the highest-profile composers in the UK working now and listed them in alphabetical order according to surname. You have until 7.30pm on 3 November to vote. If you can't decide because you don't know their music, just look 'em up and have a listen.  You can only vote once!

UPDATE: There are, of course, glaring omissions on this list - amongst them James MacMillan, the Matthews brothers and Mira Calix. I now find I can't alter the contents because people have started voting, so please work with what there is on this occasion and we'll maybe do it again sometime.