Friday, July 03, 2015

Watch the Tchaikovsky Competition Prizewinners' Gala NOW

The Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow and St Petersburg has concluded with a storm of controversy in some departments. OK, let's face it, that is perhaps par for the course in contests of this magnitude. Today is your chance to see and hear the winners. It's on NOW at

The Prizewinners' Gala is taking place today at 5pm GMT in the Mariinsky II concert hall, St Petersburg - and you can watch it live. Valery Gergiev will also be announcing the winner of the Grand Prize - the one overall winner from the five categories of piano, violin, cello and voices male and female.

Piano: Dmitry Masleev (Russia)
Cello: Andrei Ionut Ionita (Romania)
Voice (male): Ariunbaatar Ganhbaatar (Mongolia)
Voice (female): Yulia Matochkina (Russia)
Violin: No first prize awarded. Second prize: Yu-Chien Tseng (Taiwan)

The whole competition has been live-streamed on and the contestants' performances are all up there for you to see - and make up your own mind about these young musicians.!/xv-international-tchaikovsky-competition-on-medicitv-second-gala-concert