Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Support Rustem's new Rachmaninoff recording

Changes in the recording industry mean that now even some musicians whose CDs have been up for major industry awards have to crowdfund their new recordings. 

The London-based Russian pianist Rustem Hayroudinoff made an enormously successful series of Rachmaninoff recordings (please note the FF for both composer and pianist) for Chandos some years back - interpretations that received rave reviews and benchmark status. One of them was shortlisted for a BBC Music Magazine award. A couple of years ago I attended a recital he gave at St John's Smith Square which included a performance of the Sonata No.1 - a Faust Symphony for piano in all but name - that had the entire audience on its feet, yelling, straight after the final note.

You have got to record it, I said to him. Now he is planning to do just that - and the ever-popular Sonata No.2 as well - but we're in a different world today and he is crowdfunding the recording. He has until 21 December to raise around £9000.

He has some trenchant views on the situation facing artists in the recording industry, too, and explains these in the video on his Crowdfunder page.

Please help support him on his page, here.