Sunday, February 27, 2005

Any suggestions?

I need to buy a laptop computer. A lot of running around this spring/summer, one novel to edit, another to write, plus articles, not to mention blogging = portable electronic pal required. I get completely boggled by the choice, though. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good one?

I need:

to be able to type on it easily (often typing on a laptop keyboard feels like playing the harpsichord when you're used to a Steinway);

plenty of battery time

something as light and carryable as possible

broadband internet connection anywhere/everywhere (I know there's a term for this, but can't remember it)

to get at e-mail no matter what & send large files via e-mail

readable screen

it would be nice to play CDs & DVDs on it

Would be nice if it was Mac compatible in some way. I adore my iMac, which is safely rooted to my study desk, but am not sure that I want to fork out the necessary ££££s for the laptop equivalent!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...