Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What do you mean, French horn?!

The latest issue of MUSO, the upbeat magazine for youthful classical musicians, has a nice article this month about blogging. Yours truly got interviewed for it (thank you!), as did Swen Emmerling and Zachary Lewis.

As I am distinctly longer in the tooth than the mag's target market, I must admit I don't always read this publication in detail, but my eye was caught this time by a quiz that aims to identify which instrument you ought to play by your physical and character traits. Results proved interesting.

Do you enjoy your own company? Yes, I quite enjoy spending time on my own
Do you enjoy reading? Yes, I read a lot
Do you have big hands? No, they're fairly small
Do you have full lips? No, my lips are quite thin

Eh??!? That's one instrument that never so much as occurred to me...

The quiz may upset others by declaring that if your answer to the question 'Are you clumsy?' is 'Yes, I'm always knocking things over,' then your instrument is the cello. Apparently if you're ill a lot you should take to the recorder. Are you a couch potato? Do you daydream all the time? Then play the flute. Do you have big teeth? Go for the guitar.

My beloved piano, according to this, would be removed from under my lilywhites just because they're smallish. But actually plenty of pianists have small hands - Pletnev's are almost the same size, or lack of it, as mine. That seems to prove that it ain't what you've got, it's what you do with it. Meanwhile I'm trying to recall whether I've ever spotted a horn player reading a book.