Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Historical: Stokowski conducts Nielsen

I am feeling quite fond of Denmark at present (most of you know why, I think). Here is part of a hair-raising, gut-grabbing performance of that Great Dane Carl Nielsen's Symphony No.2 with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski. This was 1967, Stokowski was 85 and it was the first time he had tackled the work.

I've been promised some good seafood and a Sarah Lund sweater when I go over soon. Unfortunately the largish pack of thermal stuff I ordered from Uniqlo has vanished into thin air in transit, though naturally my credit card has been charged. Perhaps someone in the delivery company has to go to Denmark too? It's cold out there. Dear readers, here is my lesson for you this week: use your internet to read my blog, but not to place orders for anything that requires manual delivery after payment.