Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Composer poll: the reckoning

Last week I put up a list of 12 living British composers so that you could vote for your favourite. Then I was awake all night remembering the ones I'd not put in, so I put up a second list. Polling is now closed. Here are the top three places in each of the two lists:


1. Harrison Birtwistle, with 25% of the votes.
2. Thomas Ades, with 18 %.
3. Peter Maxwell Davies, with 10%.


1. James MacMillan, with 27 %.
2. Oliver Knussen, with 24 %.
3. Mark-Anthony Turnage, with 11%.

There we go, then. Thanks to everyone who voted!

In case you were wondering: the first list consisted of six men and six women. The second list was slightly less even, with just four women out of 12. In list 1, Judith Weir pulled in in fourth place, with 8% of the vote.