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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Candide for Sunday afternoon

Something to help cheer up anyone who is left on their own for reasons beyond their control on a cold winter afternoon just before Christmas: Bernstein's Candide, live on Broadway, from 2005. Complete, right here. Marin Alsop conducts, Thomas Allen is Dr Pangloss, Paul Groves is Candide, Kristen Chenoweth is Cunegonde, Patti LuPone is the Old Lady. Actually it'll probably cheer you up even if you haven't been left on your own for reasons beyond your control. Enjoy. Let's make our garden grow.

Friday, August 05, 2011


Here is my exclusive interview with Gustavo Dudamel for today's Independent - the interview that most of the music business said I'd never get in a blue moon.

"I think we have to make everyone understand that it's important to have a future for the people. It's important to give the best level of art, the best level of culture and the best level of music to ALL the people, not only to one part of the community. This is the message of El Sistema..." 

He and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra are at the Proms tonight doing Mahler's Second Symphony. "Resurrection is happening every day," he says. "It's the resurrection of hope."

Remember my Fred & Ginger clip the other day? This is what it was all about... "They laughed at me, wanting The Dude, said I was reaching for the moon...But ah, he came through - now they'll have to change their tune..." 

Here's what happened last time they came to the Proms. You've seen it before. See it again. If you can't get to the show tonight, it's live on BBC Radio 3 as usual and on TV tomorrow.