Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Mitsuko and Mozart's dad

In today's Independent Mitsuko Uchida talks to me about the plight of prodigies who are pushed too far, too fast. She has some interesting words about her own experiences as a youngster, and it's clear that she possesses a remarkable facility for self-criticism, plus ferociously high standards that exceed those of most... The chocolate, incidentally, really was amazing.

Please note that she is actually doing a whole weekend of concerts with the Borletti-Buitoni Trust from 17-19 May at the South Bank, not just 18th.

Hope you've had a good bank holiday weekend, dear readers. I spent Saturday night at one of the best opera performances I've ever been to, and I go to quite a lot. More of that soon. For the moment - if you can beg/borrow/filch/pay through the nose for/get a return for/ Don Carlo at the ROH while Anja Harteros is still in it, then do.