Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Farewells to too many people

In the past week we have heard of the deaths of SIX musical legends. The beloved composer Jonathan Harvey (73). The marvellous jazzer Dave Brubeck (91). Charles Rosen (85), pianist and author, whose books are required reading. Then the great sopranos Lisa della Casa (93) and Galina Vishnevskaya (86). Now Ravi Shankar (92). Here is a tribute to each of them.

Jonathan Harvey's Tranquil Abiding:

 Dave Brubeck and his quartet in 'Take the A Train' (1966):

Charles Rosen talks about Schoenberg and emotion:

Lisa della Casa sings Strauss's 'Frühling'

Galina Vishnevskaya sings Rachmaninov's 'O ne grusti'

Ravi Shankar - with Yehudi Menuhin. 'Tenderness'.