Friday, February 08, 2013

A hideous history with far-reaching implications

The British music world has been shaken to the core today by news that Frances Andrade, the violinist at the centre of the case against Michael Brewer, has died by her own hand after giving evidence in the trial.

Brewer and his wife have been found guilty of indecent assault.

The Guardian has now revealed that this incident is the tip of an iceberg with far-reaching implications - one that will undoubtedly require further and ferocious investigation.

I refer you to this new report about a second teacher at Chetham's around the same time, an individual who subsequently won a very important post at the Royal Northern College of Music in 2002. He was appointed despite a number of individuals voicing serious concerns. Some, including the college's head of keyboard, Martin Roscoe, resigned in protest. Many of you will remember this all too well.

More on the tragic history of Frances Andrade here:
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