Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guildhall comes top in UK music studies ranking

Thinking of studying music at university or music college here in Blighty? The Guardian has compiled rankings of all UK universities in all subject disciplines and the music section makes interesting reading. They've taken into account ratio of staff to student numbers, satisfaction with teaching, satisfaction with feedback, job prospects and further study after graduation, spend of £ by instution per student, effectiveness of teaching and more. The statistics are topped by a special "ranking according to Guardian formula".

Out of 77 institutions offering music courses, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama comes out top, scoring 100 on the Guardian ranking - though as no figures are given in this particular case for satisfaction with course, teaching or feedback, it's not entirely clear why. 92% of Guildhall students went on to jobs or further study after 6 months, compared to 95% from the Royal Academy. At Manchester and Durham, 96% of students were satisfied with their courses. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland ranked 13th, Royal Welsh College 17th and the Royal Northern 25, despite a 90% course satisfaction score. If they are counting Birmingham Conservatoire as part of Birmingham City University, that is no.27. Here's the overall top ten:

1. Guildhall School of Music and Drama
2. Bristol University
3. Royal College of Music
4. Royal Academy of Music
5. Oxford University
6. Birmingham University
7. King's College London
8. Manchester University
9. Durham University
10. Cambridge University