Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Meet Bach's Cantata BWV 146, Wir müssen durch viel Trübsal

Fetch a cuppa, sit back and listen to this perfect demonstration of the way that Bach could reimagine the same piece of music, or some of it, for utterly different forces: in this case, a keyboard concerto becomes a sacred cantata. If you know the D minor Keyboard Concerto, you'll have no trouble recognising the opening Sinfonia - but the movement that follows may come as quite a surprise. Thanks, Soli Deo Gloria, JEG and his brilliant ensemble for bringing it to us. (Thought for the day: why do we hear so little of these cantatas in concert?)

PS -- this is a serious case of KEEP CALM AND LISTEN TO BACH. A cabinet reshuffle has just moved Jeremy Hunt from culture to health (jeeeeeeeeez) and simultaneously a solitary builder is propping up my study window on the tip of a pointed plank. #ohhelp