Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Historical: Music of the Spheres

Apparently NASA has released the information, and sounds to back it up, that the stars sing. And I don't mean Domingo. No, way out in the back of beyond the solar system, the actual, physical, blazing stars are making a right old noise. And we can learn a lot about them from the type of sounds they make. The big ones rumble. The small ones are higher pitched. BBC Breakfast news didn't actually tell us how these sounds are produced. But it's not April 1 any more, and it's a wonderful excuse to run a Friday Historical of the Vienna Philharmonic playing Josef Strauss's gorgeous waltz, The Music of the Spheres, conducted by the mesmerising Carlos Kleiber. I wonder what scientists on other planets might learn about ours from listening to this? Enjoy. (More Shout Out! later on...)