Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lang Lang mobilises support for China's earthquake plight

Lang Lang is throwing his pianistic weight behind the plight of rural Szichuan province in China, which has suffered a devastating earthquake.

He writes on his Facebook page:
An IMPORTANT post, my friends. There has been a terrible earthquake in China that has killed hundreds and injured thousands. I have personally made a donation and ask anyone who can, to also help the poor people in this horrible tragedy. To help encourage everyone, this is what I'll do - let's have an auction! For whomever donates the most (message me to let me know) I will film and post one of my favorite encores and dedicate it to you! The next 10 get signed CDs. Please share this, tell your friends... Come on, let's get those donations rolling in for a great cause and what I promise will be a great video!
Here's that link again: